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I've been browsing the mags, looking to subscribe to a variety of interests.


Well, if there's one way to turn off a prospective subscriber it's an irritating 'subscribe now' box in the middle of the screen that 1)you can't scroll out of the way and 2)can't scroll down even to fill out. Both Crochet! and Creative Knitting have it - grossly irritating agressive marketing as far as I'm concerned.


I was already going to subscribe to Crochet Today, and I suppose I'll do Knit Simple (instead of Creative Knitting) because their websites are 'friendlier'


Hooked on Crochet bookmark keeps opening to Crochet World (never been a huge fan of CW), and the AA Hooked is unfortuantely Annie's Attic, which I avoid (used to get their catalog, but they also send too many religious oriented junk mail)


I'm also not a fan of Interweave - crochet or knitting - both are a little too 'new yorkish' for my tastes, very few people wear those kinds of fashions down here


Don't like vogue anything - not knitting, not sewing, not fashion mag - they are changing some, though, maybe in another ten years I'll like them?


There's several knitting mags that are nice but cost too much (imports)


I still miss Magic Crochet/Decorative Crochet (Crochet Monthly is an import, and really not quite the same experience).


A couple of other knitting mags are really for the teen market (I suppose I'm feeling my age these days and can't relate to them LOL)


I can't decide yet between Sew News and Threads, but I have given up on all other quilting mags. Other sewing mags just don't appeal to me (too much 'mommie' stuff in one of them)


Is Creative Machine Embroidery the only one out there? I thought there was another machine mag, but can't remember the name ... probably won't subscribe to either one, so no great loss there


Did the machine knitting magazine go under? Now that I'm , well, fantasizing about buying a machine, I guess I missed out on the magazine :-)


Gave up on the various diabetes magazines two years ago. If I do subscribe again, it'll be Diabetes Forcast - not as 'whimpy' as the other ones (and geez I hate the cartoon artwork of one of them).


Did you know there's a Bipolar Disorder magazine out there? Gotta' get an issue and see what that's like :-)


Have to choose between Discover and Scientific American ... plus Sci Am now has two other publications (never was a fan of Psychology Today, so SA Mind is my preferance, and SA Body seems interesting, too).


Everytime I try to subscribe to the SFF Chronicle, it gets backordered or canceled. I'm starting to wonder how long they'll be in business ...


And what's the deal with Crochet Fantasy still advertising subscriptions?


Is there any way I can pay my union dues without getting the union magazine? I don't even look through it any more ...


Mental Floss is fun. I think I'll get that :-)


I'f I get the minimum of magazines I'm interested in, it's still going to cost me a couple of hundred dollars a year in subscriptions :-) Cheaper than buying them off the stand, so I suppose it's worth it so long as I like the magazines ...

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