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Dyeing thread results???


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There are a number of posts with questions about wanting to dye cotton crochet thread. I would like to try this also. But, I was wondering if any of those who posted or anyone else has pic's of there final results. I would really like to see what it may look like before I try it.

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I ran into the same problem you did, lots of questions about it, but not a lot of results to be found. I just decided to jump in and see how it worked out. For my first attempt, I bought a tye-dye kit that had 3 colors in it and included the soda ash, for about $10. I mixed the colors to come up with more than the 3 in the kit. Here's the results from that...



Here's a pic of some that I did back in November on the drying rack...



And finally, here is a picture of a doily I just finished using some of my hand-dyed thread...


I used Aunt Lydia's Light Peach for the solid color, and my colorway was seafoam/peach/wisteria dyed on an ecru-based thread that made it look sort of antique-y.


It's a lot of fun, and as I have discovered, you don't have to be very precise about the color placement, the end result is pretty cool. I have only made one colorway that made me go :yuck, but for all I know, someone else would love it!


Hope that helps!

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