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My mom is flying from Canada tomorrow with my spindle that I ordered from Ebay and some roving. I have ordered some samples from wingham wool works in the UK. OK I ordered every sample pack they have. Actually my husband ordered because I was scared I wouldn't be able to understand the accent (I have many funny stories of not being able to communicate to people in the UK). Turned out the lady who answered the phone had a mild accent but the lady she asked all the questions in the background had a really strong accent. My husband is always laughing at me because I cannot understand people. I just don't know certain things like "ou" is pronounced like an i in Ireland. I had to get a lady to spell house to me because I had no idea what a heise was. I thought she was saying heights. She thought I was a moron because I needed to have house spelled to me. They never understand me half the time either but are too polite to say. Sigh. I love ordering over the internet....much easier.


Anyways cannot wait to try this spinning thing.



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Guest rosieanimals


Good luck.

Spinning is the BEST HOBBY I've found.

Have fun......

rosieanimals:*csheep :*ctree :w-flake :w-grin


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