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Scarf bead question


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I know you all can't see what I'm doing, so I will describe as best I can. I bought this C & C leaflet at WM, as I loved this mesh scarf on the front cover. One thing I have discovered is that I don't think C & C give very good directions, but the fact is that I have finished the scarf for better or worse.


Now comes the problem. "We" want beaded fringe for the edges. The instructions call for one 90 g package of seed bead. In addition, I'm to string appoximately 875 beads onto the thread. Then, it give me directions on how to attach this to the edge of the scarf.


My confusion is this: Is it 875 beads per side? I'm just wondering if there is 1700+ beads in this package. The instructions say to fasten off and rep fringe on the opposite end of the scarf. It seems to me if that is so, it would be easier to string 440 beads x 2.


Plus, how much extra string do I need to leave so that I can be pushing and pulling on these beads as I crochet them to the edges of the scarf?


The beading alone is probably going to kill me!


ETA: After thinking about it, and looking at it, I'm guessing I should load up all the beads on the rest of the string and pull the beads up as I need them to crochet?


That's what I'm going to try next, so let me go and restring all those beads.

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