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The poncho in the babies brag section

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I used and f hook on the neck band and an I hook on the rest of it. That is an 18m-2. use a g hook for 2t-3 etc....

chain 60 make a ring and do 3 rows of HDC.

Do a double crochet chain 1 in every other hole.

Do a shell in every chain one space

Do 14 shells then a corner 14 shells and another corner and just crochet to the length you want and add a shell edging. I was inspired by this pattern http://web.archive.org/web/20011107200504/www.cei.net/~vchisam/groovy/62-tponcho.html but only have 2 corners not 4 and the neck is much smaller and I do not do fringe.

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