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Pillow along


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Okay, Here's the deal. I hate following patterns sometimes. I know I said I'd post patterns but GAWD there are tons online.


I thought that we could make it more of a challenge by recreating a color scheme from another pillow,shower curtain, skirt, fabric etc. ) I love magazines like Domino, Vogue, fashion mags etc. to get ideas for great color schemes and designs.


Here's a pretty one SP05F5135A.jpg It's from Speigel.


Domino's website has a ton of links to other sites that have great ideas for pillows, color schemes,shapes.sizes etc.



This is one of my favorites: Velocity Art and Design


If this is okay. I thought it would be so much more fun to come up with our own ideas with those sites as inspiration. Sort of like art class...


we can start anytime and anyone can join in anytime. I will try to post my first pillow photo before the week out. I will be leaving for Atlanta Thursday and not returning until the following Wednesday. If anyone has any questions please IM me. I hope that many will join us Naida this should be fun! Thank you for joining me!!!!!!

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