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San Francisco yarn store


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I'm in SF for a couple of weeks (my sister just had a liver transplant from a live donor - thankfully they are both doing well), but I had to feed my yarn addiction. I went to ImageKnits on the recommendation of others online.


Was very disappointed. Lots of yarn, but disorganized and poorly displayed. Some yarn so high up in little cubby holes that I couldn't reach them. No sales clerks offering to help either. There were several in the store, but they paid absolutely no attention to me. The place even smelled musty. I bought enough Moda Dea to make a scarf for a friend but aside from that, just the atmosphere turned me off.


I will be looking for another shop as I'm going to be in Sf for another week. Anyone have other suggestions. I'm primarily looking for Plymouth Yarn as I have a beautiful lacy afghan pattern I want to make.

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How disappointing, Cat. I've never visited the store, but I have some yummy yarn a friend bought for me there, and they've been extremely helpful via email. Maybe you could squeeze in a visit to one or more of these stores:


Artfibers, 124 Sutter Street (415) 956-6319

Atelier for Yarn, 1945 Divisadero Street, (415) 771-1550

Greenwich Yarn and Stitchworks, 2073 Greenwich Street, (415) 567-2535

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Well, I visited two moe yarns stores this week. Atelier's and Urban Knitting. Neither of them had what I was looking for.


Atelier's was mostly high end yarn (I'm not about to pay $16 for a 50 yd skein of yarn for a poncho for a 5 year old). The yarn was beautiful but way out of my price range. The customer service was friendly but nothing extraordinary.


Now Urban Knitting I would highly recommend for the friendly attitude of the people. They were wonderful. I explained why I was in San Francisco and that I was looking at different yarn shops. They couldn't have been nicer. Lovely selection of yarn, but more pricey than I wanted. But highly recommend them if you are looking for GOOD yarn. The shop is clean, well organized and beautifully arranged. Quite a few yarns on sale too.


I'm going back to Sacramento the end of the week, and I highly recommend a new yarn store called The Yarn Shoppe on Laguna. Just opened in November but well stocked with speciality yarns and the normal brands (Brown Sheep, Plymouth, etc). And good customer service.


My sister was released from the hospital on Thursday, but has to stay in SF for daily blood work and clinic visits until the end of the week. She is doing so much better.

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