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Instructions for making transparent rabbit head tiktok bags (part 1)


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In this video I will show you how to make a bunny head handmade tiktok bag with transparent design that is very hot on Tiktok.
#handmadebag #howtomaketiktokbag #howtomaketransparentbag



#handmadebag #howtomaketiktokbag #howtomaketransparentbag
This section will guide you through head part
1:13 The flat part
              4:20 Row 1
              10:04 Rows 2-4
14:45 Convex face
               15:44 Row 1
               18:38 Row 2-4
19:52 Put the two parts together
25:08 Stitch D
source: https://thohandmade.com

túi len tiktok hình đầu thỏ.jpg

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