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Good morning!!!

I want to create a table runner using all different stitches.  Maybe every 2 rows change the stitch. 

Row 1 and 2 hdc

Row 3 and 4 puff stitch 

Row 5 and 6 basket weave


Just to give you an idea.  What type of stitches work really well for something like this.  I'm list but I got this idea in my head. Help!!!!  Thanks


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Hi, I'm not sure if you are still working on this project or not but if you are and need more stitch ideas. Pinterest has so many stitches and/or stitch patterns to check out. I just want to throw it out there in case you haven't thought of it yet is to make sure that the starting stitch count of each pattern are similar or compatible with each other. I'd love to see what you created! :)

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