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Inchoate Halloween/Autumn Hoodie Set


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[in-koh-it, -eyt or, esp. British, in-koh-eyt]


  1. Not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.
  2. Just begun; incipient.
  3. Not organized; lacking order:

Inchoate and all three autumn hoodies in one handy pack, you’ll have the best dressed Inchoate on the block.


4mm hook

20 DC/SC + 16 Rows = 4 inches

2.5mm hook

36 DC/SC + 28 Rows = 4 inches

INC= Increases
DEC= Decreases

FSC/FDC = Foundation Single/Double Crochet.

FP/BP = Front post/Back post

**this pattern is available in US and UK terms**

All of my patterns will be available as an instant download, after payment is cleared. So no more waiting for an E-mail or *gasp* the post man. You will need Adobe to read this PDF pattern. The program can be downloaded for free athttp://www.adobe.com. After payment you will be given the choice of two files to download one for UK terms and one for US terms, you will also be sent a email with download links for safe keeping.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or comments.


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