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Vintage Crochet World Magazines

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Hi everyone! Crochet World is my all-time favourite magazine and I'm trying to figure out how many back issues there are as I want to try to collect them all via thrift shops, flea markets, yard sales, etc. I know the first ever issue was April 1978, but were they always published bi-monthly as they are now? Currently they publish a couple of bigger special issues per year; when did they start that/how many of those special issues have been pusblished? Also I've noticed that there were some issues called Omnibooks back in the 80's, I assume these were also special issues. Does anybody know how many of those there were? Or where else I can go to find such info? I've done dozens of internet searches, and I actually emailed Crochet World to see if they could provide me with a list of all published issues of the magazine, but apparently they don't keep a record of back issues and no such list exists. I don't know if that's really true or if they were just brushing me off. I know they have republished certain patterns in multiple issues over the years so there must be some sort of record. But anyway, if anyone has any answers or info related to these questions I'd love to know! Thanks so much!

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