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Free Advertising Policies

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Who can post about their business on Crochetville?

  • Owners of indie crochet-, fiber-, or craft-related businesses.

Note: For our purposes, "indie business" refers to a crochet-, fiber-, or craft-related business which is primarily being owned by only one or two people, possibly with assistants. (Examples: designer who self-publishes patterns, freelance tech editor, indie yarn dyer, hand spinner, hook maker who hand carves hooks.)

How to Take Advantage of Free Advertising

May I start threads about my business on Crochetville?
Yes, you may start a thread (discussion) about your indie business. Please always choose the most appropriate forum depending on what you are posting. Business threads usually fit well in one of the following: the Indie Business subforum in Crochet Shopping, the Crochet Business Center (with subforums Crochet as a Business, Seeking Pattern Testers, and Accepting Submissions), and our many subforums in Show-and-Tell.

May I post about my business in other threads?
You may reply to an existing thread with information about your indie business when it is relevant to the topic being discussed in the thread. Use your best judgment when creating your post so it doesn't read like spammy self-promotion.

May I promote my business by contacting people through Crochetville?
Most people don't want to receive unsolicited messages from businesses with which they do not already have a relationship. So please don't use Crochetville's private message (PM) system nor send email via Crochetville to promote your business.

May I link to my business web site on my user profile page?
Yes. You may put your indie business web site link in the spot for your home page URL.

May I link to my business web site in my forum signature?
Yes, you may include your indie business link and promote your business (sales, new items, and other relevant information) in your signature.

Other Ways to Participate
Participating in Crochetville outside of business-related threads will help you develop a relationship with our members. Our members are more likely to shop with a business to which they feel some sort of connection. Some suggestions:

  • Post in threads to provide crochet assistance to those who ask for help
  • Post a review (book, pattern, yarn, yarn store, etc.)
  • Post a stitch or technique tutorial
  • Post an interview with a designer or other crochet professional
  • Add other valuable crochet content to our site

You will retain full copyright to any information you post at Crochetville; you may use your contributions in any other way you desire. By posting such material, you give Crochetville non-exclusive license to use the material to promote Crochetville (articles on our main website/blog, Facebook, our newsletter, etc.). We will always give you full credit as the author, along with a link back to your site where applicable.

What if I have a non-craft indie business? Can I promote it on Crochetville?
At this time, we are only allowing free advertising/promotion for crochet-, fiber-, or craft-related businesses. No home party links, MLM (multi-level marketing) companies, no adult-themed links, no affiliate program links, no pyramid schemes, no work-from-home scams, no make-money-online scams, and no business-in-a-box web sites. You may not link, post, start threads, nor send PMs/emails through Crochetville to promote any of these businesses on Crochetville. If you have any other type of business you believe is appropriate to promote at Crochetville, please contact us first for permission.

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