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Inside Crochet - General Submissions


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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Inside Crochet.


Inside Crochet is looking for all types of crocheted projects, spanning all seasons--garments, accessories, home, men, babies and children with heavy emphasis on women’s garments. We need essays that explore history, technique, fibre production, and designers from around the world. We emphasize natural fibre and sustainably sourced materials as much as possible.


What can you submit?

Anything you like. We are interested in designs and essays that have not been previously published in magazines, blogs, or websites.


For design submissions, please e-mail sketches and swatches for your ideas to clairem@kalmedia.co.uk.


You can include a mood board or inspirational images if you use them as we are also looking for material for our designer inspiration pages. Tell us what yarn you envisioned using, but understand that it may have to change. We need a short 1-paragraph narrative about your design, i.e. who do you imagine wearing it or using it? How and why? This is the time for creative thinking--pull out those sketches you’ve been dreaming about, but haven’t had a place to submit. We’re looking for innovative, fashionable ideas that don’t necessarily have to be your standard crochet fare. If you’ve designed before, we’d like to hear a little more about your work; please provide links or photos of your previous designs.


For essay submissions, we are interested in anything having to do with crochet or fibre, i.e. the history of crochet or yarn production, technical pieces, and profiles of designers or local farms. Please send a 1-2 paragraph pitch for your essay; if we’re interested, we’ll ask for a more detailed outline. We are interested in both long and short pieces and require high res photos that are relevant to your topic.

All submissions may be emailed to clairem@kalmedia.co.uk.


How many ideas can you submit?

As many as you like.


What happens next?

If we accept your proposal, we will work with you on the design and payment details, and then send you a contract along with our style guide, a quick guide to garment sizing and a due date for the completed projects.


How will you be compensated?

Pay for a project depends on its complexity. You will also retain full copyright of your work, and may re-publish or re-sell as soon as 6 months after the initial publication date of the project.


If you've any questions not answered here please feel free to PM me (Adrian_IC) or email me at: adrian@kalmedia.co.uk

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