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Have You Updated Your Blog Today? II


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I updated 3 times today. Okay I'll count it as 2 1/2 the last one is short. lol


Aprons from the birthday party



DD's Skirt from the birthday party



Letting everyone know I'll be gone on a trip


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Two posts today - one with photos of a prize package from a cyber friend - cute handmade items! Must see!http://yarnjeanniescrochetcache.blogspot.com/2009/08/harry-potter-prize-package.html


And updated with some news from the grange fair and a couple of other surprises:http://yarnjeanniescrochetcache.blogspot.com/2009/08/grange-fair-started-on-day-full-of.html

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I updated my blog my sweet angel girl great neice Sammi came over, she just turned 4 got some pictures and if you look on you can see what I got for my anniversary present from hubby..but I dont got a picture yet..lol here is the link


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I updated my blog with 3 posts regarding my Diamond Ghan

Why it took so long to post the pattern

Diamond Ghan - Free Pattern




The why is just an explanation of why I held onto the pattern for so long,

the pattern is the pattern and the edging simply explains that I don't have

the patterns for them. I hope you enjoy.

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