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Have You Updated Your Blog Today? II

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Despite the request in the initial post for people to include a direct link to the blog update post they are referencing, there have already been a number of posts that do not include this link.   P

I have a few new things on mine. http://homeofalonelywoman.blogspot.com

Oh this morning came way too early, but my blog post is done and ready for reading.

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Updated with a photo of a new project started - I used the no-turning-chain double crochet method found in the tutorial mentioned in another post on Crochetville.


I've included the link to the tutorial as well on my blog - it's a really great stitch!

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3 posts today. I was in the crocheting mood yesterday and this morning (since I had some time).


Bookmark in size 3 thread






Size 3 thread doily




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It's been forever, but I did!


I updated my crochet blog with a pillow I'm thinking about covering, and I need to be held accountable so please check it out and keep tabs on me! Every Day Crochet


Lots of new posts on my personal blog that will explain why I haven't been around. The house I bought that I was so excited about is turning into a nightmare - you can read the latest at Marie Anne's Missives.

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We're continuing to have a problem with people posting in this thread without following the guidelines given in the first post of this thread, so I'm posting another reminder for everyone.


Thanks to everyone who is remembering to follow the guidelines:



  1. Give us a short description of what your blog post is about.
  2. Include a link to the actual blog post, not just a general link to the blog.
  3. Don't post in this thread if your blog update is business-related in any way.



  • Please follow the above guidelines when posting in this thread.

  • Posts that don't follow those guidelines will be removed without notice.
  • If you notice your post has been removed and you didn't hear from me, please assume it's okay to repost your message as long as you follow the guidelines above.
  • Thanks for helping me out by following the posting guidelines for this thread! :hug

If you have any questions about what to include in your post in this thread, please feel free to send me a PM.

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