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Lemon amigurumi pattern!

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Yay! This is my second pattern. It is really cute, about 3 inches long, 1 1/2 inches thick...? I didn't weave in the ends. :) I completely made it freehand while nervously waiting during Region I am kinda just examining it to see how many stitches and other stuff...Let me know if there are problems! It took about 3 hours to make.



yellow worsted weight yarn

f hook

safety eyes or black glass beads

black thread (for the smile)



Directions: It is worked in spirals, so make sure you mark the start and stops, when it starts decreasing exact starts and stops don't really matter anymore, so just count and decrease.


r1)Start with a magic ring, sc 5 times into it (5 st)

r2)sc twice in every sc (10 st)

r3) *sc twice in a st, sc, sc* repeat from * to * 3 times, sc twice (14 st)

r4) sc all around (14 st)

r5) *sc twice, sc * repeeat * to * 7 times (21 st)

r6) sc all around

r7) sc all around, if using safety eyes insert one between round 6 and 7 wherever

r8 to r11) sc all around


r12) *sc decrease every other stitch* repeat * to * 6 times, sc decrease (13 st) insert other safety eye between round 11 and 12

Stuff the lemon with cotton, paper, whatever

r13) sc decrease every st (6st)

r14) sc decrease every st (3 st)

r15) sc decrease every st (1 st)

r 16) sl st in next stitch, fasten off


Yay, now for finishing:

weave in ends

if you didn't already put the eyes on, sew on black beads between round 6-7 and 11-12

using black thread, embroider on a smile.


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