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New crocheter needs explanation of "Break color B"



I am completing a poncho project and the neck edging directions state:


1st rnd: With RS facing, join B with ss to top of right shoulder seam. Ch 1. Work 1 round sc evenly around neck edge working sc3tog in corners as follows: Draw up a loop in each of next 3 corner sc. Yoh and draw through 4 loops on hook. Break B. Join C. SS to first sc.


I understand everything but the "Break B". Can someone explain?


Also does work evenly mean I should have an even number of sc when I reach the first sc?


Thanks so much to anyone who can help!



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"Break B". Can someone explain?

this just means - cut the yarn......(because i don't know exactly where you are in the pattern and what it looks like, i'm not sure if you need to finish it off, or just switch to color C)



work evenly

just means to have the same number of stitches on each side (front/back)




hope this helps a bit.:sheepjump

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