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(Another) Breast Cancer Comfortghan (See last entry)


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LAdies here is a copy of the note i sent to my friend along with her comfortghan. I'll be seeing her tomorrow night and she said she has a thank you letter written for me to pass on to all of you.


Dear Deb,

This is what is called a “Comfortghan.” I belong to a website called Crochetville. There is also a link for what are called “Comfortghans.” If you know someone who is sick or going through a hard time for some other reason you explain the situation and women from all of the country send you crocheted squares to make a “comfortghan.” I asked for squares to make one for you. It’s made in the colors for breast cancer awareness. You will notice that everyone who sent a square has tagged it either with just the state they’re from or their name, state and a short message. The squares with no tags I made. When you’re not feeing as well as you should you can cover with the comfortghan and know that your not alone. People who have never met you care.

The cards are from 3 women who come everyday to the Resource Center where I work. I worked on putting this together there some days when things were slow. They all asked what I was doing and I explained how this works. The three wanted to write you notes because you see, they are all “SURVIVORS.” The prayer book was given to one of the women when she was going through treatment and she wants you to have it now. Her name is Melina.

There are two more squares to be finished. They’re being made into a pillow but I didn’t get it finished in time to give it to you with the afghan. I wanted you to have this before you started you treatments.



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