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Tons of NEW Sensation Yarns at Jo-Ann's!


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Last Friday when I was at work, they were putting out a whole BUNCH of new Sensations yarns... I was blown away! Some of them are really nice. :)


I wrote down all the names... not that I recall what any of them look like... LOL!




Angel Glitz



Thick & Thin


There's also the Bellezza Collection:






I also noticed new Angel Hair colors. :)

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We just got a whole bunch of new colors in two weeks ago (or whenever it was that I posted about it here)... so unless something changes, I don't think that's true at all.


They're just starting to redo all the new planograms for the yarn department in my store... I'll keep an eye on the Boucle to see if it goes inline (that is, is given a permanent home in the aisles).

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I work at Southtown. :D


I haven't been up to the new Webster store yet... I keep meaning to, but I'd have to go on my own... my husband likes that I work at Jo-Ann's because it means he doesn't have to go in there with me! Ha!


I'm the Education Coordinator at Southtown, so of course I would go in there to check out Shari's setup... I hear the classrooms are smaller there. We used to have a lot of students come in from Webster... enrollment has really slowed down in my store since they opened... *pout* Hopefully in time it'll even out...

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