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Purse making supplies


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Hi I am planning to crochet a variety of purses, but I was wondering if anyone has a good lead on inexpensive supplies. I'm needing magnetic snaps, purse frames, plastic rings, and purse handles. I checked Ebay because I thought I could get a large quantity for cheap but that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe I just have too high of expectation for what I can get these supplies for?

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There are many companies are there for supplying purse.The supplier of purse also supplies the the accesories related to purse.Because there are different types of purses in which some are delicate and many are lifelong and the purses which are delicate the accesories is used for that purses.

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It may be that your idea of "large" is different than the sellers.  Keep in mind that most independent retailers pay quite a bit more than any of the chains. 


There are also folks who will work with you based on dollar volume or if you purchase full "inner boxes"  - 


There are also quality issues - believe me that not all purse handles and hardware is of the same enduring quality even though they look the same.


You may find that by working with one retailers you will be able to at least negoiate postage and insurance or even a discount based on total merchandise value.   Sometimes, like now for us, we are in the process of reducing inventory and so may have already marked things down at or below our actual costs.


Feel free to contact me if you think any of the purse handles and hardware in the Clover products might work for you.There  have not been marked down yet, but at the very least our Newsletter subscribers do get some discount.



Just a side note, I have often used Lazy Girl Patterns to do the linings for my bags, etc.  I just crochet or felt the outter bag slightly larger so it fits well inside.


Have fun with your projects


Enjoy The Making



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