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comfortghan squares request.....


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Thanks to the generosity & love of my wonderful sisters in yarn who have already sent or promised squares I now have ample for Amys blankets.


:cheerYou ladies are AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :clap




I've thought long & hard before starting this post as I'm overseas from the majority of C'Ville members but I would love some help making a comfortghan for my 6 month old niece.

Amy-Leigh has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer and is in hospital having chemotherapy at the moment. It's very early days yet but she is proving to be a fighter.

If any of you would like to help me I am making 8" squares out of worsted weight (aran weight) acrylic in shades of pink, lilac, cream & white.Any help will be truly appreciated.



bless you and thank you, Karan



received from:











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Hi Karan, I'd love to help out with some squares for you niece. Just pm me with your address and I'll get busy :crocheting. I will add your niece to my daily/nightly prayer list. :hug :hugto you and the family. Andrea

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Hi Karen, I would love to help out with squares, but how soon do you need them? I sent an xmas card to my step grandparents this past year in Manchester, England and it took 3 weeks - 1 month just to get that there. let me know and I'll definetly help out!:hug

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I'm aiming for at least 32" x 40" before edging which is 20 squares. She's only a tiny little tot. Any pattern at all will be much appreciated :hug

Thank you all so much!

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I thought I would share some of the squares I have made so far for Amys blanket. I'm also in the process of knitting "AMY" squares.




I spoke to her Daddy yesterday and he was choked with emotion when I told him about you wonderful, generous ladies who are helping me with this.

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Linda - Thank you


I had an update on Amys progress today & the docs are going ahead with her 2nd chemo earlier than anticipated as she coped so well with the first lot so she won't be home this weekend but could possibly be home for her daddys birthday on the 27th.

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** fingers crossed that this works**


Here is a picture of the beautiful squares I have received for Amys blanket so far, they aren't in any order here. I believe I will be able to make TWO blankets with the squares promised,once again I have to say that you are awesome ladies!




I managed to spend a little time with her and the rest of the family yesterday :) Her Mum & Dad both thank you all for your generosity, love & support :manyheart


I got squares from JoBug & Toni (dear sister I can't remember your username *lol*) today :hug

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