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AmyS on CGOA Board of Directors


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CGOA has announced its 2009 Board of Directors and Officers. I am very pleased and proud to announce that our very own AmyS has been newly elected to the CGOA Board of Directors!


Here is the complete list:


President: Rita Weiss

Vice President: Marty Miller

Treasurer: Treva McCain

Secretary: Carol Alexander



Vashti Braha

Lorraine Lucas

Amy Shelton – newly elected


The CGOA email announcement says, "Please wish them well on behalf of your Association, and share your thoughts and ideas with them during the crochet year."


Congratulations, Amy! :yay

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Thanks, everyone! It was such an honor just to be asked if I would allow my name to be submitted as a nominee. Then it was a bigger honor to be chosen as a nominee and actually elected to the position!


So if there's anything any of you want CGOA to know, now you have a friend on the board! Feel free to tell me anything you'd like me to pass on to the rest of the board.

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Congratulations, Amy!! I just got my email from CGOA announcing this, and immediately came over here to congratulate you! :cheer:clap:yay:yay:yay I do feel like I have a friend on the board. :fame:fame

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