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Spiral thecnique table cover


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I love this pattern, even it was difficult to follow I wanted to make it. It is made by using spiral method, not finishing the each round, keep going to the next round without attaching at the end of the round.(I know I dont make sense when I try to tell things with crochet language :) )

Designer of this one is Vildan Uckardes and it is published on many magazines, i made mine from Magic Crochet (or maybe Decorative Crochet)

I used size 10 white cotton threads and 1.05 mm. hook. It is 46 inches

when I have little time I am planning to make it in ecru too



Thank you for looking


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Oh my, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen in a long time. Just stunning and what a talent you have. How long did this piece take you?


Thank you, as far as I remember it took me about 10 days or little more, on and off. I have a little one, she is 6 and I make other things at the same time. I just have real time when everyone is at work and school.:hook


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