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First Scarves.

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I only started crocheting in November, and started off simple, with scarves.


The first one was made as a Christmas gift for my boss:




The second was also a Christmas gift for a coworker. I used this pattern http://www.yarnsandmusings.com/2005/12/re-post-snuggly-scarf-pattern.html but added a border:



The third is one I just made for myself. The yarn I used was lovely but a nightmare to work with. Pattern found at http://www.patonsyarns.com/pattern.php?PID=2132:



I wanted to make the pictures clickable but I don't seem to be able to do it (I did see the tutorial elsewhere on the forum, for Photobucket, but all my pictures are on Flickr). There are bigger versions of them all on my blog.

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Your first scarves are wonderful! Mine were so "wonky" that I look at them now and think OH MY what a mess! LOL Terrific work! Your talent for the craft shows!:cheer

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Very pretty scarves and so good for your first ones! None of my first projects were of giftable quality LOL!


Thanks. I started to make a shawl for one coworker, but halfway through I laid it out and realized that it was turning into a triangle and it was NOT supposed to be a triangle! So I went with a scarf. Much safer. :)

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