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V-Stitch Poncho

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I made this adult-sized poncho using the Child's V-Stitch Poncho pattern and the poncho rectangle measurements that used to be somewhere online.


I used an L hook and Red Heart Super Saver Multicolor in Wedgewood. :)








(clickable pics :D)


This has been a WIP for a while...I guess that kinda makes it an UFO?...anyway...I'm just glad to have it done. :yay

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Way to go! :tup Finishing things is always a good thing! :clap



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The variagated yarn looks great in your poncho. You have done a great job.:cheer :cheer :cheer

I made something similar but with knitting cotton and because I was not using a pattern, it took me a while to get the dimensions right so there was a decent neck-hole. Mine was just cream, single colour but I used a contrast, variagated (beige,tan,cream), feathers type yarn around the neck and the bottom edge.

I was very pleased to finally finish it and to see my 9yr old grandaughter wear it.

Made a beret style hat to go with it too and she thought she was the bees knees.

V-stitch is one of the easier sitches to do but very effective when finished.:cheer :cheer :cheer

Have fun.


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