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My hounds' sweaters!


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I finished sweaters for two of my three dogs.


This is both of them, along with my daughter, Emily.



Rascal (yes, Rascal is a GIRL!)



Ruby: (who is thinking, "Let go of me and GIVE ME A TREAT!" :lol)



...and a gratuitous shot of my boy, Buddy, wondering when Mom is going to make HIS sweater!



Thanks for looking! :hook

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Here is the link to where the pattern can be purchased:


Scroll down, it is at the bottom of the page. It's very easy to make. There is also a pretty "fisherman" style sweater pattern available here, too, if you want something a little fancier.


Edited to add: Take a look at the "life-size" crocheted greyhound. I made one of those, too, for my friend's birthday awhile back. It might look complicated, but these patterns are WELL WRITTEN and quite easy to follow!

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o man you make me want another dog hsuband and i talked about for years now and we will adopt a hound but i have kitties and they aint going any where was told hound dont like fur balls i have done a few sweaters and hoods for friends around here with hounds she has a patterns got the full size hound to make but something always comes up everyone knows that line i need a gift blanket hat scarf etc lol but ooo those eyes im in love just want to say thanks

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Don't let that stop you! I have kitties. Kitties were here first. We adopt to lots of people with kitties!


The second one turned out good too! Are you liking that pattern? I extended it and made one long enough for big Shilo easily.




the sweaters are great i had bought a pattern on esty and made a couple also the snood for the ears the best dress dogs in town lol


love the way they just trot so royal upper crust beautiful dogs with attitudes but a good one not the im going to eat you bit how are they in watch doging husband says the kitties 20 yr 9 yr 8yr would show what to take lol "here here you want the computer cool make the mouse move ooo you want the money jar the treat jar next to you want to give me a treat come come on" keep telling my boyz and husband i mgoing first for i don't want to deal with you all over the catz dieing yea right big bad army navy men sure you all are wraped around some kitties paws i'm chopped liver when the boys are home lol

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