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12" Squares Needed For Comfortghan


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I am going through a hard time right now. My alcoholic mother has been giving me a lot of problems this month. Which has caused me a bunch of stress which has made my health go downhill quickly.


I would appreciate it if I could get enough 12" squares to make a comfortghan. I would appreciate the squares to be made with worsted weight yarn. Squares can be any color any pattern. I would like to have a comfortghan to cuddle up with when I feel down. This comfortghan would remind me there are kind people in the world.


If interested in sending me some squares please either PM or email me for my address.




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Oh sweetie, you're always in my thoughts. I'll be glad to send you a square and will PM for the address when it's ready to send.


Your ghan will be a gigantic hug from all of us. I feel the love to this day when I look at the one my friends in the Sky group made when my son was having such a health crisis.

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Let me know if you are still in need of more squares as I just received my yarn I was waiting on to arrive to start some squares for another member who is in need of squares for a comfortghan for her mother.

Not that I needed any more yarn:) but specific colors, etc were asked for, so what could I do:)



send me a pm

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Hi Crystal

2 squares were mailed out today. Hope you like them.



I am sure I will love them. Hopefully the squares will be here tomorrow.



I love all of these beautiful squares I am getting. It always makes me smile when I get squares. I leave them on my desk since I crochet at my desk. I smile when ever I see the squares. I figure having the squares on my desk is the best visible place until I have enough for an afghan!


The workmanship you ladies do on the squares is amazing. It warms my heart when I think of the time you all spent on these squares that are just for me!

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