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Corn on the Cob Afghan

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I wanted to thank you for the beautiful pattern. I wanted something lacy, light, and soft so I used your pattern with a larger hook and very very soft yarn. I also made it 5' x 6' as all my kids wanted big enough to wrap around themselves. This is for my petite (size1) DIL. She loves these colors.

But anyway, thank you for giving us a great pattern to work with and have fun.


Click on image for larger image.



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thank you so much for sharing this pattern-- it is great:cheer. I had just ordered some yarn to make an afghan but hadn't completely settled on a pattern and when I read this one I loved it and started immediately. I am using 3 different shades of purple and then a variegated purple and am happy with the way it is turning out. thanks again!

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Both photos are of the same pattern. However, depending on how you change colors determines what it will look like. If the cluster is raised above the row, change colors - it will look like the purple, beige, green afghan.


If the cluster is flat and even with the row, it will look like the green/pink afghan.


I would like to make this for the next couple of afghans I make but I don't understand this portion of what you said. What do you mean if the cluster is raised above the row, change colors? I am feeling rather stupid for not getting this. I feel like it should be simple to understand and I don't right this minute

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On ‎2‎/‎27‎/‎2012 at 0:08 PM, Julz said:

darn :( I really wanted to see it, but every time I click on the link it sends me to shutterfly and I don't see any afghan

There are photos on Ravelry if you'd like to see the stitch. And are more pics to see under the "Projects" link.

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