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I've just learned to bead crochet and am working on my first bracelet. Unfortunately, I do not have enough thread and need to attach some more. Can anyone explain the best way to do this? I'm using size 6 beads.

Thank's for any help you can give me.


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Maybe a couple more details would help. Are you crocheting and making a bracelet that is something like making a cylinder? Is it back and forth to make a small rectangle that you'll attach findings? Less geometrically, is it a bracelet that slips over your hand (cylinder) or a bracelet that will have clasps (rectangle)?


If the thread is very thin, you might try a Russian join. Google it and ton of sites will show up.


2. On a cylinder type....At the final bead that will fit and leave you with a bit of thread about 6 inches long, string more beads on the second thread. Tie a knot, but make the first part as close as possible to the bead. Put a tiny tiny bit of glue so it doesn't slip when you make the second part of the knot. After you've crocheted the first bead of the new string, try to hide the ends of the threads by taking them backwards or forwards through adjacent beads.


3. Rectangle bracelet... go back to the last bead that ends a row. Make your knot there and start the new row.


If these don't look good, you may be stuck with starting over.

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This is from my free bead rope pattern. If you are doing beaded ropes this is how I do an invisible join.

Joining in a new thread

The way you add a new thread when you need to is, When you get to the end of your beads on the first section you pull up your loop, but not through and cut off thread leaving about a 4 inch tail. Bring your freshly strung bead thread up next to your first section With your hook through the loop on the first section tighten loop to a normal tension and hold tail next to rope with middle finger of the thread hand ( the one that holds and feeds your thread to your work. ), add end of new thread to the same place side by side. Keeping the tension as normal as possible draw a loop through your loop with the new thread. Now comes the tricky part still keeping the tension as normal as possible move your two tails across the front of your hook and across your rope and hold behind the rope again with the middle finger of your thread hand. Keeping the tension right can be difficult at first but with practice you can get the technique down. Now insert your hook under the next bead and complete a slip stitch. Work a few more stitches then go back and tie a square knot in you two tails up close to the inside of your rope. Now keep working around your rope in the normal manner keeping your two tails out of the way but behind your work. when you have worked about an inch or more trim off the ends of the tails and continue on. You should have a joining that is invisible yet strong, when done in this manner. Your tail will be on the inside of rope and safe.

Hope this helps.

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