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Sweetheart Ripple Afghan CAL


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I am so frustrated. It is now 3:30 a.m. and I STILL don't understand where to put my fptr at the first of Row 5 or where to put the sc that goes with it. I wish someone would do a video of just the first four fptr's and sc's on Row 5 so I will know how to do this stitch. i don't want to give up as I have already purchased the pattern book and materials. Can someone please help me as I have read what to do but don't get it and I am not a novice crocheter.

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Debbie the pattern is available from Annie's Attic. There's a link to it on Kim's blog post about this afghan. http://kimguzman.com/blog/sweetheart-ripple-afghan/

There's also a video on how to do the modified post stitch on the page. You'll have to send her a message and ask for permission to view it

I just bought the eBook today and got started on it. It is such a great pattern!


Where is this video? I cannot find it.

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I just found this cal and I have just started this project. I am making it as a wedding gift for my daughter. 

I purchased the pattern through Annie's Attic and I am using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in a light gray and deep purple.

After an evening of practicing the pattern I have gotten an excellent start and I am loving the colours and the effect!


Reading through the questions and responses has been very helpful! Thanks everyone~

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I don't really crochet much anymore and I don't own crochetkim anymore. If you will visit crochetkim.com, I did an article years ago to help with this pattern. Just put sweetheart ripple in the search box. I sold my site and I have a recipe food blog now. I didn't even know crochetville was still online.

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