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RedHeart Plush/ TLC Amore

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Anyone here used RH Plush or TLC Amore (I think they're basically the same yarn.. just different names) to make an afghan?


I've got a fair amount of this yarn and am in a 12" square a month CAL..and thinking about using this as I don't really have other plans for the yarn and I paid too much for it to give it away.. LOL.


I know it's a yarn that's not good for sturdy uses like a purse or a blankie that will be dragged around and abused/loved or a cellphone cozy, etc.


Just wondered if anyone else had used it for an afghan and what your feelings were about the results.

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I have used TLC Amore for a hat and scarf set but not an afghan. It's a soft, plush yarn so I think it would make a cozy afghan. I also had a skein of RH Plush that I wound up tossing. While I was working with it there was so much static electricity and everything was sticking to it, including itself. I got it in the dollar store so it wasn't worth the trouble to work with it.

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