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recycling a knit wool sweater...have a question....

crochet lefty

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Hi ya'll! Happy New Year! (sorry the pic is so huge...its my first post with a pic! )


I got my hands on a really nice wool sweater that has really pretty panels in it. I have frogged most of the body of the sweater and plan to use the panels on felted handbags.

I am nervous about having the panels unravel as I dismantle the sweater.

any suggestions?

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I've never tried that before...heard about it...it looks neat! I have heard of whip-stitching the edges with cotton to keep them from stretching while felting...that might help keep them from unravelling while your working with them? or Pull a strand of yarn through all those loops? Sounds like you might need a local 'Ville knitter to advise you on this one.

HTH, my :2c FWIW

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