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This is probably just my own experience talking but...


when you make a set in black -hat&scarf- they are dramatic and chic.


when you make a combo with purple and black, we are talking funeral. This goes back to the old tradition of wearing black for mourning and then working down to the purple colours to lessen the effect. I did wear purple to my husband's funeral and to this day, I am careful about the purples that I buy.


Aside: Purple and black is just so "goth" and goth = death so it isn't just us old-timers who make these connections. :eek




OMG, Darski, that was my first thought as well! My original thought was to suggest dashing off either another hat, this time in purple, or another scarf, this time in black, so that the hat and scarf were both the same color, but I didn't know what the poster's time constraints were, so that's why I suggested crab-stitching each one in the other one's color. :lol

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I still don't know what to do....dh will throw a fit if he finds out there's going to be another trip to Michaels--he's out of work right now and I'm supposed to be saving us money by making gifts :P.


The reason I didn't make both items in black to begin with was because she has a black coat and I thought the purple would be a contrast whereas black would blend in. And purple is her favorite color.


I tried adding black on a bit of the scarf to see hat it looks like, but I took it back out. I think adding purple to the hat will look alright though. I know I'm completely over thinking this!


Thanks for the ideas!


I think adding purple to the hat would be good! Purple and Black are my top two favorite colors!

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