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Christmas mouse in a stocking ornament**last post has inst


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ok, here he is, my own pattern I made him quite a few years ago, and updated him.Hope you understand the directions,,

Mouse in a stocking Christmas Ornament


1 skein white-either sport or baby yarn

1 skein red –sport or baby yarn

1 skein pink –sport or baby yarn

1 skein green sport or baby yarn (will make 5 or 6 mice)

small bits of pink felt for cheeks,black pom pom for nose (or black thread)

black half round plastic for eyes (or google eyes, or black thread or felt)

sc=single crochet, ch=chain dc=double crochet


With White, ch 15.Sc in the 2nd ch from hook and in next 13ch’s. 3 sc in last ch(beginning toe of stocking). Sc on the opposite side of chain. Continue to sc around, increasing 3 sc at toe of stocking each row. Make 3 rows, do not join, but use a marker.

4th row: sc until within 3 sc of end. Pick up these 3 sc plus 2 more (total 5) pull yarn through all 5 stitches and secure with a slip stitch. Put stocking sides together matching toe sides and heel sides. Slip stitch across the toe on 4 or 5 sc to close toe. Continue to sc around stocking making 12 rows above the instep. End off.

Add Red to 1 sc in top of stocking @ the back. skip 1 sc, make 3 DC in next stitch ,skip 1 sc, sc in next stitch* Continue from * around. End off.

Head: Chain 4, slip stitch to form a ring.(use marker, do not join)

1st row: 6 sc in ring

2nd row: 2 sc in each sc around (12 sc)

3rd row: 2 sc in 1st, 1 sc in next, continue around (18 sc)

4th row: 2c in 1st, 1 sc in each of next 2,continue around (24 sc)

5th row: 2sc in 1st sc,1 in each of next 3, continue around(30 sc)

6th and 7th row: sc around,

8th row: *1 sc in next 2,dec over next 2 around. Continue in this manner decreasing until 15 stitches remain. Start stuffing. Continue to decrease until 5 stitches remain. Stuff.

Make 1 row even (this makes nose) Close and end off.

Hands (make 2)

Starting with red ch 4,join to make a circle. Ch 3,make 5 dc in ring, join to 3rd st of ch (makes 6 dc)

Add white make 3 rows of dc,end off.

Ears: (make 2)With pink ch 4,join to make a circle.

1st row: 6 sc in ring

2nd row 2 sc in ea sc around (12 sc) break off pink and add white

3rd row: 2sc in first,1 in next around(18 sc)

4th row: work even, cupping ear slightly:

Sew ears to head, arms and head to stocking and place features. Place features as desired.I like black half round for the eyes because they shine.

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