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Cathedral Window-CAL

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I am so glad they did a re-release! This is a magnificent afghan when made.


Sometimes, I am tempted to haul mine out to see if I can make a go of it


You and me both. Last week I spread it out on my bed. It's probably close to 48" already. I don't know why I just stopped working on it.

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I purchased the patern from Annie's and the yarn from Red Heart.   I started the pattern last week and I feel the patern instructions are somewhat lacking.    Is anyone else still making this pattern?

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Hi Yaviiniia -

That's the only place I've seen it, unless you'd happen to find it on ebay, which used to have pretty expensive prices for this pattern, although now they may have come down since this has been re-issued .


I know the AA place, the shipping was almost as much as the pattern .

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Agreed.. only one item fro AA the shipping and handing adds so much. Thus I always wait till I have a couple things I want. Trouble is..this time Bendy Carter announced her new pattern book debut at the same time our CRW showed up.


Mine turned into quite the little order. What the heck.. it's my Xmas prezzie.

Still better than the $60 they were getting on E-Bay all this time while we waited.


HI Julie Kay !:woo


-Pam L-

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Well.. Are you half way done by now. :heehee


My pattern finally made it. Spent the first day fondling it...:2hug and have now begun. So far , so good. Easy..just tons of little ends to weave in. This may all change at any moment though... one never knows. :sweat


-Pam L-

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Yeah ! Andrea,

How great to see you !


Yes.. our little kids table. I may end up back there..this will be my test. Still being new, compared to the rest of you.. there may be :think ????'s.


Colors.. the new set of colors in the re-done model we see are: black, gemstone, amethyst, and teal. There ya go. :hug


Now MY colors.. well, that changed hourly. All new choices and not sure where it will end up I kept working the first pieces and nothing looked good enough for this. I figure I best REALLY like the color choices, since it will be in progress for a long time.


The kitty in my photo I posted..that's Emily. You may remember her from when she was a tiny kitten. She's one of the ones I had to bottle feed. All grown up now, and has turned out to be a round little girl, a real earth mother type. And the sweetest cat I've ever had.

She even helps me crochet ! :hook


-Pam L-

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Hi Pam !

It's good to see you ! I always like finding some of the old gang in a new CAL I join --- kinda makes it seem more "homey ", you know ?


I love that new pattern book you showed the link for , then thought- doggone, i wish i would have seen THAT before sending out my order, i could have added that one too and saved a little maybe on shipping .


Maybe I could contact them and see if they could combine the orders. I just mailed them a check for my other order since I don't like credit cards .


Anyhow, it sounds like you're a few steps ahead of me, you have the pattern and yarn and have started it .


Does it seem pretty easy to do ?


I think a ways back in this area, someone mentioned that the other pattern had mistakes-- i hope this one doesnt have the same mistakes or I may be sunk ... :lol

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OMG Julie, I am not seeing you in this CAL. :lol:P I shouldn't talk, I have had this pattern for close to a year & haven't touched it but that is because it skeers me. So when you muster (OMG you are rubbing off on me :lol that is a you word) then let me know & we can help each other out. :D I told you, you'll never be able to shake me. :devil Can you say stalker? :rofl

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Good Morning...I thinks its still morning...:)


Let me caution everyon who works with kids...you can get really sick! Im a school nurse (23 years) and I thought this was a little nothing cough 3 1/2 weeks ago. :sick I still have it, so the 2 baby afghans I promised myself Id make before 2008 havent grown any larger.:cry


Maybe I should add that 2008 promise to the bottom of my sig....


Any way. I havent started the 'project' :crochetingyet because I simply havent felt awake and well enough to do anything. :sneeze


Do germs live on a blanket when you make it?


Well, Im delighted:cheer to see names appearing here that I saw appearing at the beginning of this CAL. I WILL begin min soon, and I promise to make regular photographs of progress. We all will be able to keep eachother on track:ghug

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Julie !:hug


What a wonderful greeting !

Yes.. you may remember me from the days when it took a group to help me figure out where the hook goes into the loop. :eek

It's now officially TWO years..my Crochet-a-versey was Dec. 15th. !:fame



During this time, you will be proud to know, I have now acquired many UFOs. :bow


Yes.. the sampler afghan pattern is nice. To top that off.. the designer, Bendy Carter is a really NICE person. Sorta adds to the whole thing...plus I find her pattern writing skills to match my figurin' abilities. :sweat


The CRW afghan pattern does not seem to have corrections added.. BUT, so far so good. The first error is easy to spot. It's the beginning of a row.. the row has a series of db, ch1, db, in one ch, with groups of stitches between each one. ..basic start of a hex shape. The error occurs at the beginning.. it says db, db.... leaving out the 1ch...no biggie. I even saw it. :lol


I'm off to a smooth start here..and with any luck should get a photo of my humble beginnings before too long.


I went over and added a post for your Groovy Babetters...even started a siggie again. Progress.

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:welcome back Lisa !


Sorry to hear about you feeling under the weather... Chicken soup and warm blankies are my RX. The yarn stuff will be there when your better.


School nurse ! Cool.. you get to play with little kids, and then send them home at the end of the day. Sounds like a great job. :angel


Well.. I finally started a CRW blog post. Plus added it my siggie here. I'm going to add links we find worthy to it.. So let me know what you find..and I'll save them for us...in a place we can find. :hook


I still greatly appreciate your help on my 'first day' back to the 'ville. :hug

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o.k...it's official. I've finally gone over the deep end, ;) I've been watching this thread for awhile now and have been checking out the pattern every couple of days, and I can't take it anymore. :sigh Soooo, I've placed an order for the pattern! Now, to agonize over color choices....:eek

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