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Cathedral Window-CAL

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It seems diamond and I had the same idea today-a Cathedral Window Afghan CAL.


I have some space and can host it if anyone's interested, I've started this afghan but it will go slow so that maybe I won't have to frog it too much.


I even made a button:




It's hosted at ImageShack so if some of you don't have webspace to host images you can link to it with no problems.


Email or PM me for any other details.


Edit: Here's a list I have so far, if it needs correcting one way or another let me know so I can correct it




Kimberly:Woven N Spun

Julie: JulieP

Lani: dhaunae

Sue: Smyz64

Julie: Chatty

Cheryl: diamond

Stacey: dixieredhead

Faith: faithpa76

Elizabeth: threeolivemartini

Ginger: gingerrtay

Sondra: 123mama

Laurie: sunshine1977

Lisa: summerysmile

Kristina: klouised

Melissa: CatsCradleCreations

Michelle: MiCountess

Anne: cajunwhacko

Laura: lauravee

Julie: Yarn Duck

Trish: princesstrish

Andrea: crochetdiva

Renee: Nay



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I purchased the patern from Annie's and the yarn from Red Heart.   I started the pattern last week and I feel the patern instructions are somewhat lacking.    Is anyone else still making this pattern?

Posted Images

Where can I find the pattern?



I can't see the button so can you email it to me directly? (This computer is wiggging out on me and i can't see images for some reason...even on my own website lately) so I apologize for the problem.

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Oh, I'm mad crazy nuts about that pattern, but I don't know if I could do it :eek and even if I did think I could try it (like I have time! LOL) I don't know where to find the pattern either...but I can't wait to see what you guys do! That is I think the most beautiful afghan I've ever seen.




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Oh, I would love to make what is one of the most gorgeous afghans I've ever seen. BUT I don't have the pattern either. In all my huge stash of crochet magazines, leaflets, and booklets, this is one pattern that I do not own.


Would love the see pictures of the work in progress though.

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I'm so in on this. As I thought I can't get decent yarn for it locally so I'll be ordering either tonight or tomorrow and starting it as soon as I get my yarn in. Question: Has anyone used TLC Essentials yarn, and were they happy with it? I'm looking at that and considering it, but since I can't find it locally to give it the touch test I'm a little hesitant to order it blind -- particularly for something this special!


Diamond, I know you said you were using Simply Soft; what type of yarn are you using, Chatty?

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I have started it 3 times, frogged it once. I don't have much time, so it is very slow going. I have finally gotten past the hexagon stage and am now doing the "rounds". Not sure what you would call them. I have all my yarn, and so I feel like I have to be committed to the project, or just simply be committed!!! :eek

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The link works now Drew. Your Cathedral Window is GORGEOUS!!! I just hope mine turns out as nice. We shall see!

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Did someone mention where to get this pattern? Did I just miss it? I'd love to make this. :cheer Drew.. yours is simply gorgeous:cheer


The leaflet was published by Annie's Attic in 1996, and I believe is out of print. It's called Award-Winning Afghans, leaflet #878301. I've heard it is available on eBay from time to time.


Thanks for the kudos! I'm so glad you like it!! :fame

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This is one of the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen! Wow, it sure looks like it takes a lot of concentration!


Could you use other colors rather than variegated?

When it comes to crochet, there are no rules against changing colors of a pattern. Do whatever colors you like.

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It's really an amazing afghan and it would be hard for it not to be gorgeous in any color! I would love to attempt this but realistically, what are my chances of finding the pattern since its out of print?

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Thanks for the cheerleading Drew :D


I'll get to work on a site to host pics in the next day or so, don't think we'll need it anytime soon but it gives me an excuse to play with HTML :wink


In the mean time just link back to this thread with the button, I'll put it on my blog later, I was gone all afternoon and I'm pooped right now, it's also almost bedtime for this old hooker :wink


Again, thanks for the interest, I know it'll be a loooooooooooooooong CAL :D


Good luck ladies, I've got the center octagon done and am working on the pentagons and triangles that go around it.



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