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Holiday Pie-Rets (Pie Berets)


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I have been infused with some serious crochet mojo combined with a touch of holiday spirit for the past few weeks. Now, you all know what that means...Oh yes, that definitely portends a bit of twist in my yarn!


Introducing Holiday Pie-rets!




These crocheted versions of round flaky goodness are just in time for Turkey Day! And yes, you can be sure I will be wearing pie to my family's Thanksgiving feast. So, let's take a look at my crusty choices shall we?


There is the always popular seasonal delight, Pumpkin Pie-ret...




Topped with a dollop of cream...






OR how about a touch of dark and rich Pecan Pie-ret...






And my personal fave, the Cranberry Orange Pie-ret with lattice crust!





It's a tough choice to be sure.


Onto the crochet stats...


The Pecan and Cranberry Pie-rets were crocheted with an F hook and some of my Cascade 220 stash. An F hook combined with this light worsted yarn creates a very tight fabric. This is exactly the effect I was attempting to achieve as I was aiming for structure, not drape. My challenge during the design process for both of these Pie-rets was creating a perfectly shaped circle while using a popcorn stitch pattern. Needless to say, frogging ensued before I came up the correct increase to stitch ratio. I am happy with the results.


The Pumpkin Pie-ret was also crocheted with an F hook. However, I chose to use Lamb's Pride worsted for this one. Don't think I would choose this yarn again for this type of project. The FO ended up being too heavy for my taste. I will use Cascade 220 going forward should I ever decide to crochet another dessert-themed hat!


Thanks for looking!

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Love these hats!! YUMMY!! You are very creative. I have to say they all look really great but that cranberry pie, is really something to see. I can't wait to show my son these hats in the morning. He'll love them. He has taken an interest in crochet, and I'm sure he will be thrilled to see these.

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It has been a while since I've seen your blog, but I must say these are right up your alley, Regina. Very cute and the pecan looks like someone spent a lot of time exactly placing those pecan halves in the custard! I love them all. Thanks for cooking up these little delicacies for us to drool over...


Let's eat!

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OMG, those are fantastic! I was making some tofu bacon for breakfast this morning, LadyL, and thinking of you (just thinking of the bacon wrap makes me giggle), and then I get on here and see you've turned to pie! Love it! I think the cranberry is my favorite, but the pumpkin comes in a very close second for the whipped cream topper. Congrats as always on your creativity and talent! Patty

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