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I just finished a gift for my sister-in-law, who has her bathroom decorated with seashells and other beach-y things. I made seashells and coral/seaweed and sewed them onto a towel and washcloth. I used size 10 thread and my favorite old Boye size 7 hook (with the price of ten cents stamped on it :hook). I have a Japanese book by Ondori, Motif and edging Designs ( isbn 978-4-277-10174-5) which has several seashell motifs in it. Those inspired me to do this project and gave me ideas for shaping, but I didn't really follow those patterns. I thoroughly enjoyed the crocheting and figuring out how to get the shapes I wanted. I ended up with some shells that are too big, and I think i will combine them into a doily or small wall hanging for her. sewing them onto the towel was by far the least enjoyable part, but at least my sewing improved by the end, so I feel like I learned something. Pics are clickable.









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Thank you! I do like the towel color, turquoise is my favorite color, and this was a good place for it I thought. And I do think my SIL will like them:)

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Thank you all! My SIL called to say thank you for them, and she really does like them, and I believe she intends to use them :hook

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