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Have you made this doily?


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It's a Christmas doily....



If so, is the pattern in American or British terms? I ask, since the spelling of some of the words is more British..or Canadian.


Also, was it a well written pattern, and straightforward?


I'm thinking of making this, but don't want to get into it if it's not American terms, or if the pattern is frustrating...

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I have not done the pattern, but glancing over it, it is in American terms. She references the sc, which is usually a pointer to indicate American terminology as modern UK/Australian crochet terms do not include the sc and if it is present in older patterns, it is the equivalent of the slip stitch.


As her pattern utilises both the sl st and the sc (and noting the way in which the sc is used), it will be in American terms.


I cannot comment on the straightforwadness of the pattern, though...


Good luck!



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I think this is the same doily as is in the October 1987 Magic Crochet. If not, it's so close they're kissin' cousins. The one in MC doesn't use a green center but they look the same to me as far as I can tell from the extremely bit-mapped picture on your link, rm. Of course in MC there is a chart instead of written out directions. Yours will be beautiful when you're done. I'll look for it!

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