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Hello from California

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:cheerHi everyone. I am a farily new crocheter..just since this summer. The last time I tried my hand at it was about 30 yrs ago....so long ago that when I went to buy my first skien of yarn I was sure shocked. The last time I bought a skein of yarn it cost .88 cents. Went to Walmart and about fainted. LOL. I cannot seem to get enough of making things for others. My main thing I am in to is making hats for chemo patients. I like making the small ones for kids and mailed my first package off to a branch of Headhuggers here in California not long ago.


Just about the time I got into this my daughter, who lives in OK, had a new (and last) baby. Of course I got busy and found all kinds of things on the Internet I could make for them. I have sent her 2 boxes of things. Not just baby stuff but alot of that.


I spend alot of my spare time on the Internet trying to find a very very simple pattern for a black and white spotted potholder. I have a very good friend whose kitchen is all black and white cow stuff. Anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome from Washington!

You're charity work sounds very good and rewarding! You will love it here at the 'ville' :crocheting

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Welcome! :flower I did a quick google search on crochet :mcowcow potholder and didn't find much (mostly completed ones for sale) but found this blog http://denisehughes1.blogspot.com/2006/12/cow-potholder.html with a cute picture that you may be able to replicate.


Good luck!




Thanks for the link and I think I will try to see if I can do it. I have not yet attempted to make anything without a pattern. I NEED directions. LOL

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