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Changing Colors in Thread?


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What's the best way to change colors when using thread?


I'm thinking of making the Tiny Thistles doily (From Magic Crochet #103) for my office which is a branch of the Scottish government.


I've love to try to add color to it by making the last few rounds in green for leaves and pink/light purple for the thistle itself.


Is this feasible? How would I go about doing the changes? Making bobbins of color for each flower? And how, exactly, do you do the color changes in thread? Is it any different from making the changes in a yarn item?

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When I change colors in thread, I do it the same as yarn, leaving the last two loops on the hook and then adding the new color and pulling through those last two loops and continue on. I do not carry the colors behind as I can usually see them since thread is so thin. I just leave a tail and then weave in with a needle when I am done. I always leave a longer tail and make sure I like the way the color change looks after several more stitches, that way if I don't care for the way it looks I can frog that portion and modify to my liking.


Hope this helps,


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