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About to start dyeing

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Is this related to your other question?


You CAN do want ever you want. But if your goal is fairly even dyeing then loosley tie your hanks in several places before you put it in the dye pot. This prevent a tangles mess in the end. (Please don't ask how I know!)


If you are starting with an already balled or skeined yarn it can be better to make it a hank. If you want a graduated color you can put in a loose ball.


Have you googled websites on dyeing? There are tons of tutorials out there.


Crockpot dyeing





Dyeing with koolaid



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I've been considering dyeing off and on for a while now,

Those links were fantastic!!

Thank you so much for providing them sammimag..

Do you have any dyeing experiance? if so, what is your favorite method and color usage?

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I'm glad those links were helpful.


I don't have lots of dyeing experience with wools. I've been reading up on it bunches because I plan to do more. I've done a small bit of dyeing some of my handspun using a crockpot and hat lots of fun.


I can't remember if the sites I linked to suggest this or not but if you do plan on using jacard acid dyes or something similar then you don't want to use anything that you use to prepare food with. I have a crockpot just for dyeing and will soon get either an enamel pot or stainless steel pot or dyeing.


I did and still so some tie dyeing so I'm familiar with dyeing and have lots of the tools at hand because of that.


Dyeing with procion dyes which are for plant fibers is a bit different than dyeing with acid dyes which are for protein fibers. You can use procion dyes with wools but you need to use a differnet method which I don't know much about.


Another book that gives some great info on dyeing both wools and cottons is Hands on Dyeing. Your library might have a copy.


Most of all just have fun. There really are no set rules. Just some safety and ply wiht color.

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