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Finished Two White Trees !! UPDATED: TODAY (pics on last page)


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This pattern was easy and so much fun to make! :cheer I made two white ones, one has lights and the other doesnt. I have to go buy more lights and tree tops for them! Hope to see everybody's trees that said they were going to make them! Pictures are kind of hard to see, just using my web cam and the lighting is really bad! Ok, off to make a pink one! I used the 15" X 4 7/8 " cones instead of the 12" cones and instead of 101 chains, i chained 165 to make it bigger.










Finally finished the pink one! I hope everyone that's making these trees will post pictures! It will be fun to see all the different colors and decorations! Thanks for looking!

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:yay WOW Those trees are wonderful. My husband works at Home Depot and they have been getting Christmas trees in since the 1st of October so I don't know if he will help me with our tree or not. lol I thought when I saw this one I can do that and have my Christmas Tree. If you make it in green you can change the ornaments for the seasons.
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