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Dog collar slipcover bandana


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I got a wild hair last night and decided to go use a fat quarter to make this for my service dog Shelby. It's double-thick so it's good and sturdy and doesn't flap around, and has a slipcover with a decorative stitch to separate it from the regular bandana part. I know it's not much and my DH called me a dork (but later admitted she looks cute LOL) but it was a fun project and I look forward to making more for my other 2 dogs. I hope it will help her get used to wearing something until she gets her service dog vest--and happily, she loves this and also stopped itching at her neck from the collar since it's now covered.


Shelby is a rescued 18 month old German Shepherd-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix but we also have a rescued 18 month old Cairn-Schnauzer mix, and an 8 year old purebred Yorkie.





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