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Purse, My DD's Mickey Mouse shirt and denim pants


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Ok after making me a purse about a week ago from old jeans my mom looked in the back of her closet and brought me over her old gaucho pants that is way to big for her and wanted me to make her a purse.











Also had to make a change purse




My mom totally loved her purse.



Now I had to make my daughter a shirt and pants. I entry a sewing contest over on another board for sewers so wish me luck.


But, lets start off with the Mickey Mouse shirt. I found this fabric at Walmart for 1 dollar a yard can't beat that huh? Because print fabric tends to cost 3 and up a yard.

I used the pattern from Simplicity 3771 Lizzie McGuire






Now on with my daughter's pants that I made from a old skirt I brought from the thrift store. I tend to love to recycle it's cheaper that way lol.



The old skirt









Close up on pocket and leg of the pants. I added pink thread to the pants to give a little details to it since the shirt is pink.


Thanks for looking

Whatcha all think?

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I love them!!! I like how wallyworld has that great fabric for buck and you sometimes can find some really great stuff in it!!also have you checked under the cutting board area thats where they put discount fabric in the store near me.. I got thomas the train panels for 2 bucks there in jan.

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:eek Lesa, you are so talented!! The purse is great, I have been saving jeans for years to do *something* with them. Your dd's outfit is adorable, I can't believe you made pants out of a shirt like that, amazing!! And it's so cute. Good luck on the contest and way to recycle! :D



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Wow!!! You are so talented. I love everything! I especially love how you are so thrifty. sometimes sewing things can actually cost more and you have found a GREAT way around that problem!:cheer


Good luck in the sewing contest! You should win for talent and creative ability! fingers crossed for you!

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Thanks ladies for all the support. Hoping I do win the contest. I did a lot of recycling that should count lol shouldn't it lol.:) But, I love to recycle go to the thift store buy lots of denim and getting the cutting away. Because trying to by denim at the fabric store cost way to much and I am on a budget. I like how I can get a pair of pants for my daughter out of a skirt how amazing is that huh?


Again thanks a bunch everyone for the great feedback and support now off to crochet and sew.:)

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