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Help- Can't find end of thread

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Hello All,

I am starting a project with size 10 thread and have never used this type of thread/spool. I am looking for the end of the thread and can't find it!!!


I am using Coats Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread, Size 10, 1000 yards.


Can anyone help me figure out where to look for the end? I have looked along the outside and inside too.


Thanks. :think

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I'm sure one of the experienced ones here will have a trick for this but I look at the top of the spool to find out which wrap is the outer most one and give it a gentle pull. This usually works.... Sometimes if you find this outer one and then have a look around the middle of the ball near it the end is tucked in behind - you'll see one thread going off at a different angle to the others and that'll be your end one.


Hope that helps!! Oh, and Welcome to the 'ville!!! :flower

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Thanks for your reply and thank you for the welcome. I look forward to learning and posting my own creations. I completed the small cross that I created with the thread (for my nephew's baptism) and hope to get photographs and post them soon.

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