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Denim Purse and Denim Messager Bag


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Well I decided to do some recycle/reuse projects.



Here is some old jeans I got at a thift store for 3.99



I decided to make me a purse from these jeans.







This purse has one pocket on the inside with lining fabric and a metal snap for closing.


Can't forget to make a change purse now could I?





It zips up and everything lol.



Now I made my cousin a messager bag out of another pair of jeans that was mines.







Flap open






This messager bag has a flap that was made by the denim from my purse. Has 2 pockets under the flap that came from the back of my old jeans. Has 2 pockets on the inside and long strap that can go over her shoulder and head.:)



There you have it reuse/recycle.:)


Thanks for looking

So whatcha think?

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Those are fantastic! I love the first one the best. I almost always gravitate toward denim purses. The only other purse I use is a great one made for my by LadyBeBop last year in the holiday swap. It's crocheted from a great variegated nylon and is beautiful! I wish I could line stuff as good as you, they look so great!:cheer

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Thanks ladies thanks a bunch.


Leanne the best purses to me is denim. Raw edges to denim gives it, it's unique-ness. Also it's heavy and don't have to worry to much on having a heavier lining for the inside because the denim holds it's own.:)


Again thanks.

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Great job on both purses and you really did a nice job on the lining.


I actually had a pair of patchwork jeans just like that back in the day, (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day :lol)...they're long gone but they were my fav jeans at the time. I hadn't seen any like that in years. Wish I still had them and even better, could still fit into them! :D

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Aww thanks ladies. I just love taking something old and reuse it into another way. Loved doing both these projects. Was happy it turned out so great. Now I have family and friends sending me there old jeans to make them purses lol.:)

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