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Recent sewing items (4 pics)


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Here are some recent projects from my journey into learning how to sew.


My first quilt/blanket (and Gizmo, one of this year's rescue dogs who loves being photographed):




Closer view:



Shorts for my 6 year old daughter:



Closer view, for some reason she kept standing all goofy LOL:


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The quilt is beautiful and you did a great job on the shorts. Your daughter is adorable. I can't believe you are just learning how to sew...looks like you've been at it for a long time. Great job. :hug

Gizmo is a cutie.

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Both are wonderful. Gizmo is adorable, such a ham. Your DD is cute. And isn't it wonderful when kids get it in their mind that standing normal for a pic is not good enough! :lol

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