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My charity works for lacal veternarian animal hospital


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Well hello to all:


I just wanted to post here in the show and tell all that i'm working on to donate to my local animal hospital where i was blessed by adopting Foxie my pomeranian mix now 10 month old pup I got her at 7 months.


My local vet does not believe in putting to sleep kitties and pups nor dogs nor cats that need a new home so she hold them til she finds good homes for them.


So with the donations of several members here that have pledged to donate yarns to me for this project here is what i've done so far and still more to come ...







As you can see i've made kitty beds fabric dog chews and pillow toys that my sister made too.




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Thank you ladies for your kind words.. I'm so much enjoying the things i'm making.. I can hrdly wait to see the vets face when i take it all ...



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Dear Debra Way:


You are sooo welcomed for the inspiration... I tell you its a great feeling to know that these little and big andf all sizes and shape furbabies need some cuddling and we can do it..


When I first saw foxie I was expecting a pure breed Pomeranian as I had seen in the web, then i got there with my sister and they bring out Foxie at 7 months ... see here






And when I saw her I said she is much bigger than the what i saw on the web and they said she is mixed... None the less her fur was so white and soft and she licked my hand and I fell in love at first site...

Then when hubby went with my sister and I to pick up Foxie a few hours later , he said she is big.... but let me tell you all my Foxie just ran to him and began to stand up for him and he picked her up and she licked his face and next thing I knew was Foxie was out the door with him and I stayed inside to finalize all ..

It was love at first bite and the Vet told me that it would take her a couplpe of weeks to fit in cause she was very shy and well NOT, she jumped into the car and i sat in the back seat with her and she laid down and jumped out the car when she got here and up the stairs and ran all over the place and it was like she was so glad to be home ...

She has brought joy here and keeps us going ,,,

Here she is lots of photos of my baby girl ...












How can i not do anything for the others i had to leave behind cause i can't bring them all home...

Foxie got toys and blankies and treats and so much more I just got to do this for the ones left at the anmal hospital..


I plan on buying some treats as well to take so they can give the doggies and kitties...

Just another idea...


I hope this will inspire many more readers as well....

Together we can make a difference....



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Hi Ladies :


I just wanted to update you all and keep you informed of all my progress with the yarns that some of you sent me for my donations of doggie and kitties beds and toys and now even blankies....


I didnt take photos this time around but yesterday I took in to the animal hospital where i got foxie from which by the ways became 1 year old on oct 12, 2008


I took in a jumbo shopping bag filled with fabric quilted beddings my sister made and she alsommade some fabric toys and pillows for the furbabies ...

I made some square and round blankies in crochet of course with the yarns I have received from some of you lovely ladies... I took in another klitty bed and some more toys as well...


I promise in the next batch I will take more photos and post them here but i just wanted to let you all know I'm still at it... Now I plan to make a batch of sweaters to donate for them.. So say a prayer for me for speedy fingers and moving hook....


If any one has some scraps that you can donate for this continuous cause please PM me...


Those that sent to me I have not forgotten the RAK's I promised you will get moving on that soon ...

hugs and blessings


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Ohhh, how adorable. It makes me want to help out the no kill shelter near my parents house. (the one near my house is a kill shelter) I rescued a little guy from my shelter a few weeks ago, and found out he was a rare pure breed called a Portuguese Podengo! But the little guys from the shelter have so much love to give. It just wouldn't be right not to show them a little love back. Way to be inspiration to the rest of us! :yay

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Same goes here our local shelter is a killer too and they do it fast and the saddest thing i read the other day was that there has been brought into that shelter over 50 Pommeranians among other doggies and all of course to be killed... It brought tears to my eyes cause if i could i would have brought some of them poms home they are so loving and giving.....


Thats why i give to the place where i adopted foxie from.. I also recommend other people that kitties and doggies and even the older furbabies that need a good home she takes them in ... I tell my vet to always sent each furbaby with a blankie home....so they can call their own..and a toy too...


I have to crochet some mices for the kitties too so she can send a kitty home with a toy too...


So you see as long as I breathe I will help her the secretary gave me a bug hug yesterday and that made me feel sooooo good to know its all appreciated....




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