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Does anyone have any tips that they could pass along in regards to increasing and decreasing in filet crochet. I struggle more with increasing that anything else. I know that its not that hard but for some reason it just won't click.





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Decreasing at the beginning of a row you just slip stitch across the stitches you are skipping/decreasing, at the end of the row you just don't go all the way to the end.


Increasing at the beginning of the row isn't too bad, you just make the correct number of chains at the end of the prior row, turn, and make your first stitches into the chain before continuing your stitches over the stitches in the prior row.


Increasing at the end of the row is the hardest, IMHO, because you have to make stitches into the air. Confusing concept.


The best tutorial that made the :idea lightbulb go off for me is here (look at the tutorials section on the left menu). I find it easier to increase in open mesh than filled mesh. I'm working on a vintage pattern right now whose designer must have had the same idea, thank you Elisabeth Hiddleson!!




Good luck!

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Don't be surprised when your increases at the end of the row don't look very square. You can see in the video that is the case. You can square it up when you block the finished piece.

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